Welcome to Prescott, a Saudi online store, these are the terms and conditions that govern your access to us and use of the site, its sub-domains, sites, services and tools. By accepting these Terms and Conditions and by using the Website, you acknowledge that you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions and that you will not breach them as a User.


We may accept or reject your order in some cases, such as the unavailability of the product you ordered and its out of stock, while emphasizing that we are keen to update our website data continuously to avoid any misunderstanding. We can refuse to do business with a customer for a specific reason, such as that we received bad treatment from them when paying or that we find out that they have tampered with us and caused us certain losses.

  • Usually our products are available to be shipped to anywhere in Saudi Arabia, but sometimes we may not be able to ship some products to certain cities or regions, and for this we may reject the order with our apologies to the customer.
  • You can submit your application through the site in easy and simple steps
  • All the offered products are available in our warehouse and will be ready and dispatched immediately after you confirm your order via our website, except for the products where you find a tag: out of stock.
  • Your request is sent immediately after it is confirmed on our website, and we do not contact you by phone except in very special cases when we need additional information about the product or products you requested.
  • We are committed in Prescott to provide accurate and correct information on all products displayed on our website.

Delivery of orders

The quality and quality of the delivery service is one of the matters that we pay great attention to and are working to improve continuously, so we are keen to choose the best delivery agents, to provide you with an enjoyable and guaranteed shopping experience

Prescott, in cooperation with delivery partners, cannot in any way guarantee an accurate delivery schedule for your order, but we encourage you to inform us of your preferred times to try to avoid any inconvenience to all parties involved.

The customer has every right to review his order upon receipt and verify it before paying.

The customer is obligated to take responsibility for verifying the health, safety and presence of all products while receiving his order, and in case of any problem, he must inform us within less than 24 hours by calling +9965534029660

We send orders in tight packaging, and for this the customer is obligated not to accept the receipt of any package or parcel that was previously opened, and in the case of the opposite, please contact us immediately customer service before receiving his order.

Delivery fees are included in the total amount of the order, which is the amount written on the invoice affixed above the parcel. In the event that the delivery agent requests any additional amount over the amount written in the order invoice, please contact us immediately to report it.

In the event of any problem or misconduct by the delivery agent, you must immediately contact the customer service at the following number: +9965534029660 and we will be happy to solve any problem you have and satisfy you.

Payment and delivery options

  • The above-mentioned delivery fees are fixed for a single order, to be paid only once, regardless of the number and weight of products.
  • The delivery agent will contact you hours before his arrival to make sure that you are in the place you specified to receive the order or agree on another address nearby in the same city.
  • If the customer is not present while the delivery agent is passing by or is unable to receive his order on that day, he has the right to try another delivery at a later date.
  • In the event that the order is delayed more than the expected period specified in the table above, or you find any problem with the delivery agent, please contact the customer service on the phone numbers and we will be happy to serve you.

Important clarifications

Prescott is neither an auction platform nor a bank, nor does it offer auctions or banking services, the site is an online platform that allows the purchase of the products we offer.

We can change the prices of products, whether by decreasing or raising them, according to the market price and also the demand for them and the discount offers that we offer on a limited basis and on different occasions.

You do not have the right to write abusive reviews that include insults, insults and profanity, we have the right to delete your review in this case without consulting you.

You also have no right to lie about these reviews, whether to obtain compensation, tarnish the image of the store, or to promote the product.

As long as we resolve the problem through technical support, you are not entitled in any way to publish our conversations through forums and social networks and try to pressure us, this does not help you solve your problem.

You may not use our Services in any way that could harm the Platform, stop it working, or cause problems for other users.

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